Working as a Lay Member

Feedback from a current Lay Member

Here is some feedback from current lay members and what they enjoy about the role:

"Some of the things I really enjoy about the lay member role are:

  • The intellectual stimulation from learning about transplantation in term of what happens, how it happens and who makes it happen.
  • Attending the LAGs and seeing debate and decision-making in action. Also contributing to those discussions from a lay perpsective.
  • Having a slighter broader involvement through being asked to chair a working group and participate in two others. This has helped to increase both my understanding of the area and my sense of helping to make a difference.

I must say that one of the things I have really appreciated is how welcoming everyone has been. I have been able to interact with a whole new group of extremely committed and highly talented people and to be honest, it feels like a real privilege."

"I enjoy bringing learning from my previous life to NHSBT. There are some areas where I feel I cannot contribute due to the sophisticated medical work of NHSBT and that can be frustrating but I can relate to the management and organization aspects."