Transplantation services

We support patients, donors and their families throughout the donation and transplantation process

We are responsible for:

  • Patient safety – fair, unbiased and compassionate matching and allocating of donated organs, tissue and stem cells
  • Specialist support – dedicated clinical nurses and 24 hour support teams
  • Community awareness – our campaign teams work tirelessly across the UK to encourage donations and enable us to offer more transplants

Organ donation and transplantation

We manage the NHS Organ Donor Register and National Transplant Register, which lets us fairly match donors to people who are waiting for a transplant. Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to facilitate nearly 4,600 transplants in 2022/23.

This is fantastic, but there is still lots to do. We estimate there to be around 7,000 people on the UK Transplant Waiting List. Last year over 430 people died while waiting for a transplant.