Our strategy

A world where every patient receives the donation they need.

Our mission is to save and improve lives.

As we look to the future, our ambition is to save and improve even more lives, building a world where every patient receives the donation they need.

Read our strategy to find out more about how we hope to achieve this.


Our responsibilities are to:
  • Encourage people to donate organs, blood and blood components, stem cells and tissues
  • Optimise the safety and supply of blood and blood components, organs, stem cells and tissues and match them to patients
  • Help to raise the quality, effectiveness and clinical outcomes of blood and transplant services
  • Provide expert advice to other NHS organisations, and the four UK health departments
  • Commission and conduct research and development to improve outcomes for patients
  • Implement relevant EU statutory frameworks and guidance

Our priorities

To deliver on our ambition of saving and improving even more lives, we have developed these five strategic priorities.

Grow and diversify our donor base

Modernise our operations

Drive innovation

Collaborate with partners

Invest in people and culture